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E-Mail Marketing

Boost your Business with Our Email Marketing Solution.

The Best E-Mail Marketing Services

In this era of digitization, companies are coming up with new ideas to promote their products. Email marketing is one of them. It is a means of direct marketing where product owners send emails containing Newsletters regarding their products and offers. Sending mails in bulk is a great way to generate leads. The advantage of bulk email marketing is that you can have a good relation with your current and previous customers and increase customer loyalty which in turn can fetch you repeat business from them. You can also act as sponsors and advertise products of other companies in your emails.
Email marketing may seem unnecessary, but it has its own advantages. It is a smart way of advertising where you can implement smart strategies with the help of modern technologies and you can successfully use it in your advantage without failing. Email marketing might seem complex; however we are making it as a piece of cake for you. We have a team of experienced professionals who are knowledgeable in every aspect of Email marketing.


Here at Rishikesh Advertiser, we have a dedicated team of experienced and professional Email marketers who will provide a unique solution and strategy for your Email marketing. We provide individual attention to each customer and make them stand ahead from their competitors across the digital world and this makes us stand apart from the crowd.
With our unique solutions, you will get guaranteed desired results with increased ROI. Our professionals are well trained in creating engaging email newsletters which are sure to captivate the intended receivers. Our precise delivery system assures that no email address is missed and mails will be delivered accurately to the intended customers. We assure zero failures in email delivery to the inbox of the customers. We are one of the best in the field of email marketing in Rishikesh with a large list of satisfied clientele. Clients frequently reach out to us to start their Email marketing campaigns and we provide the best service related to email marketing.

Some Advantages to Using Email Marketing Are:

  • Reasonable/Affordable email marketing: We are offering the most reasonable way of email marketing. Actually, it is a new and unique way to reach every individual consumer directly without any individuals to go at customer end. We will create attractive e-Mailers and flyers that will go directly to the prospective consumers’ Inbox.
  • Faster and instant marketing strategy: Anyone can send the proposal, newsletters, email, announcements and promotions using this service in a very short period.
  • Effective email marketing: Emails will be used as salesmen; you want to reach your prospective consumer groups, in this context you can use existing data or you can also purchase a new one.
  • You can measure the result. How many emails were opened, how many people have clicked on the link provided by you in e-Mailer and like that you can measure the result or progress.
  • It helps you to drive and generate traffic on Website and you can measure that traffic easily

Features of Email Marketing Services:

  • We are providing a web-based email marketing services.
  • Without using client’s domain details, we will send emails to audiences from his email Id and the reply will come on that email Id only.
  • We will not use your domain name, SMPTP server and DNS server during an email marketing campaign.
  • Data Management, Bounce Emails Management, Segments, duplicate removal.
  • Create HTML templates, and customize emails formats or text.
  • Email Scheduler is very useful, you just have to initiate the campaign and you can switch off your PC.
  • Keep a complete record or track of all open, bounce, and sent emails.